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This groups primary intent is to introduce photographers (and models) to each other, with a focus of amateurs over professionals. If you're new to photography (or modeling) and want to meet and share ideas, this is the group for you. We'll also plan on photo walks, photo shoots, possibly some training and tutorials. Please keep in mind that this isn't intended to specifically be a "how to take photographs" sort of group, the varying degrees of experience will certainly help in gaining knowledge about photography. But there's nothing to say that this group won't evolve and grow as time goes by.

So, if you have an interest in meeting photographers in the area, talking with others about photography, increasing your photography game, or want to share your own photography experience with others, this is the group for you.

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Photo Talk - Composition & Stuff

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Photo Talk - Lightroom Intro & Raw Processing

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Photo Talk - Cameras & Lenses

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Photo Talk - A Conversation About Software

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