Linda G.Linda G.

Linda G.

Event organizer, Ride Leader


Portland, OR

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Feb 1, 2015


Love to ride quiet country roads, challenging hills, and cycling adventures near and far!

EXPERIENCE: how would you describe your bicycling experience over the past year? Getting back after a long absence? Occasional bike paths & easy rides? Urban rides around town? Longer distances in the country? Other?

Been riding since 2013, and have gained a lot more confidence in climbing and descending this past season. Love doing short and long distances in the country and doing bike trips to different parts of the country & the world.

GOALS & INTERESTS: What types of rides are you most interested in? Do you have any big, hairy, audacious cycling goals for this year? How about brave-baby-step goals? We would love to encourage you if you want to share them with us.

Love riding all distances yet have developed a love to travel to different parts of the country/world and ride as I found this to be the best way to experience the culture, scenery of the area. I also enjoy attending the bike camps as I learn so much from them. Big goals for 2018: Crater Lake, Mackenzie pass-the entire way, other cycling tours and possibly Europe again. I also would like to keep giving back to the RLAG organization.

GROUP RIDING: Have you previous experience with Ride Like A Girl? Other cycling groups? biking in a group at all? If not, don't worry, all levels are welcome here.

Started with Ride Like A Girl in 2013 as a "nervous Nellie". I love cycling!!

LEARNING INTERESTS: If there is one thing you could learn this year to help you feel more confident and self-sufficient on your bike, what would that be?

For 2019 I want to gain stamina & endurance on climbing tougher hills. Also learn to pace myself better when I am on long cycling trips so I am not so worn out mid way through the trip.