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This group is intended for experienced safety-minded touring and adventure touring motorcycle riders who enjoy full day and multi-day rides on interesting scenic roads and/or to interesting destinations. Bikes should be suitable for distance riding (For example touring, sport touring and adventure touring bikes). The principals of the group are as follows:

1. Safe riding and the safety of all riders. Everyone makes it home safely.

2. Speed limits are obeyed to within 5 or 10%.(passing excluded).

3. Riders possess easy going attitudes.

4. The enjoyment of your fellow rider(s) is as important as your own.

5. The less experienced riders learn something from the experienced riders.

6. We promote a positive image of motorcycle riding in the public.

7. Awesome roads and good attractions!

Information for new members of the Rocky Mountain Riders:

1. Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport and any group riding with us is done at your own risk. We assume that you have the sufficient experience to safely ride the variety of roads that will be travelled including the more challenging mountain roads in the area. This riding group or any of it's individual members shall in no way be held responsible for any mishaps or accidents you may experience while on a group ride. If there are any questions or concerns about the riding styles of other members, it is your obligation to immediately address them with the other rider or alternatively bring them up to the Organizer, one of the Assistant Organizers or one of the other senior members. By joining this group, you are agreeing to HOLD HARMLESS the group and all of it's individual members from any and all claims due to any and all accidents or mishaps that may occur while riding with us.

2. Your own personal safety is your responsibility, and you also have an obligation to watch out for those around you and promote a positive image of motorcyclist to the general public.The intention is that we ride respectfully in appropriate formation as conditions dictate. Those who want to ride at a lower speed are asked to move to the rear of the group so that the group can split into a faster and slower group if appropriate. We have a mix of experience levels and riding styles but do expect everyone to respect the group's safety, mentor newer less experienced riders and not ride in a manner that may put others in danger or ride in such a way that a member feels obligated to push beyond their skill level.

3. This is intended to be an inclusive and open-minded group. However, we do reserve the right to deny anyone admission to the group for any reason. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that there are issues with an existing member, we reserve the right to terminate that individual's membership.


In a group, we need to ride appropriately so that we not only ride safely for ourselves, but in a predictable, organized way for the safety of our fellow riders.

1. We will generally ride in staggered formation- This allows us to ride as a more compact group while still maintaining safe following distances and improved visibility. You should be able to see the face of the rider in front of you in their mirror and see the rider immediately behind you in one of your mirrors. There may be times when the road dictates single file riding - like tight mountain curves etc. At these times add additional following distance between riders.

2. Riders will have different comfort levels and riding styles. We never want a rider to feel pushed to ride beyond their skill level. Riders wanting more following distance or lower speed should move to the back of the formation. If it is a larger ride we may split into multiple groups to accommodate different skill levels and meet up at way points or destinations.

3. Speed - We will target close to the speed limit most of the time. Please honestly assess your own personal riding skill and comfort level and ALWAYS stay within it.

4. Intersections - When practical, the lead will wait until all are at the intersection and then we move through as a group (without stopping) when it is safe to do so. However this may not always be practical, so it is important to be very aware of the riders in front of you in case someone feels the need to stop or slow.

5. Passing - Only by properly pulling into the opposite lane when it is safe and passing in a smooth and predictable way. Never on the right or within the same lane - this can be quite alarming and cause other riders to swerve or slow unpredictably.

6. "Ride your own ride" - It is important that riders make their own decisions on entering intersections, passing, etc, and not blindly follow the person in front of them.

7. Pulling over - Only at pre-planned stops unless absolutely necessary.

8. Departure times - Please arrive ahead with a full tank to get organized and chat so that we can leave as planned.

The intent is to have safe, fun relaxing rides.

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Baja Offroad Ride October 2021

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Reposted from cancelled event in 2020, just registered for October 2021. I am not associated with ride company, just sharing in case other folks are interested in the ride.


This is a 7 day trip that includes 6 days of riding off road motorcycles across the full Baja peninsula through the Chris Haines Tour Company. I have travelled to Baja with this company twice previously and they provide a great service. It starts in San Diego, CA on Oct 22, 2021 - you are picked up with the service truck, support van and motorcycles and taken across the border into Ensenada to stay at a hotel for the first night, meet the rest of the team, have supper, get prepared for the next 6 days of riding. Each day after that you meet for breakfast at 0700 with riding gear on. Their is a lead and a sweep rider plus support vehicle drivers. The price includes everything on the motorcycle trip except flights in/out, tip and alcohol. Price is $4850US for the 7 day tour, I have used a Honda XR650 and a Honda CRF450X. I usually travel one day early to San Diego and plan to stay for a few days extra in Cabo. Link for the trip is https://chrishaines.com/7-day-baja-tours/
I don't expect this to be the same kind of event that we normally attend on our street bikes or ADV bikes as it is on off road bikes but thought I would share in case others are interested. Myself and my brother are currently registered and on our last two Baja rides we met good folks from different parts of Canada and the US.
There are risks to this kind of riding and all proper riding gear is required and can be supplied by yourself or rented through the tour company. I did get injured in 2018 but completed the trip in the support van, looking forward to the ride this year.
If there is interest we can arrange a pub night or review sessions to go over the trip.
A video from 2018 is here https://youtu.be/Wmr9QzP2O8c

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Last Ditch ADV Ride-Gravel and Paved Mix

Bragg Creek Cafe & Baking Co.

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