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India has one of the highest road deaths in the world. Every 2-3 minute one person is dying from road accident in India, and nearly 420 deaths per day which is equivalent to a jumbo jet crash. most of these deaths are preventable, by implementing simple measures. Road Safety Club is formed for campaigning for road safety for all the road users to make our roads safe. We are mainly focusing on changing mindsets of public towards safe driving and first aid training. Every year fatalities from road accidents are on the rise.

The aim of this club is to create "Road Safety circles" among the road users and improve their knowledge and skills to reduce the accidents and develop young ambassadors to take up this to each individual and see that no one should die on the roads. Let us go to them "educate, enlighten and empower" to live long.
Road safety club has reached out to thousands of young minds in schools. Children are our assets and pillars for building a strong nation. We can aim for accident free country tomorrow if we train our children today.

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Some facts from NCRB for the year 2014:

In India in the year 2014 the road injury fatalities increased by 2.9 % compared to the year 2013.

A total of 4,81,805 traffic accidents comprising of 4,50,898 road accidents, 28,360 railway accidents and 2,547 railway crossing accidents were reported, these accidents caused 1,41,526, 25,006 and 2,575 deaths respectively during 2014.

Maximum traffic accidents were reported during 15:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs, accounting for 16.9% and 16.7% respectively of total traffic accidents in the year 2014.

During 2014, two wheeler have accounted for maximum fatal road accidents, contributing 26.4% of total road accidental deaths, followed by trucks/lorries (20.1%), cars (12.1%) and buses (8.8%).

The National Highways which share only 1.58% of total road length+ (76,818 out of 48, 65,394 Kms) accounted for highest road accidents, contributing 27.5% of total road accidents. State Highways having the share of 3.38% of total road length have reported 25.2% of road accidents in the country.

The highest number of fatal road accidents occurred on the National Highways accounting for 32.6% of fatal road accidents (46,110 out of 1,41,526 deaths) followed by State Highways (27.8%).

• 47.9% fatalities in road accidents were due to over-speeding

• 41.5% fatalities due to Dangerous & Careless Driving / Overtaking

• 5.3% fatalities due to Poor weather conditions and

• 2.8% fatalities due to Defect in Mechanical condition of Motor Vehicle

Driving under influence of drug/alcohol contributed 1.6% of total road accidents which rendered 7,398 persons injured and 2,591 deaths in the country. Maximum incidents of fatal road accidents due to driving under influence of drug/alcohol were reported in Andhra Pradesh 14.9%, Telangana14.0%,, Bihar 13.5% and Uttar Pradesh of total fatal road accidents in country during 2014.

On analysing road accidents by place of occurrence, it was found that 54.7% and 45.3% of road accidents were reported in rural areas (2,46,768 cases) and urban areas (2,04,130 cases) respectively during 2014. Both in rural as well as urban area most of the accidents were reported at places near to residential area, 16.5% and 16.4% of road accidents in rural area and in urban area were reported at places near to residential area. 7.5% of road accidents in urban area took place at pedestrian crossing during 2014. Besides, 5.3% of road accidents in the country were reported at places near to schools, college or educational institutions (23,723 out of 4,50,898 cases) during 2014.

Studies revealed that major cause for these deaths is "Human error". Hence there is a need to educate the road users to reduce these figures, let's come together to save thousands of innocent lives and make our roads safer.

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