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Mechanics of Photography - Hands On Workshop

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Learning how to use your brand new digital DSLR can be frustrating and overwhelming. Reading photography books to learn how to use your fabulous new DSLR camera can be just as frustrating if you don’t understand what aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance actually do.


This workshop is a hands-on workshop, so bring your camera. (If you do not have a Nikon or a Canon - please also bring your manual.) We will cover the following topics:
Shutter Speed
White Balance
How to read your histogram
Metering and Manual Shooting
And more...
This workshop is about half "textbook" and half hands on training. I will literally spend time with each attendee one-on-on to make sure you know how to make these changes on your specific camera before you leave the workshop.
You will take at least one "good" photo in manual settings inside the workroom, and one "good" photo outdoors - I will be there walking you through this process to ensure that you understand.
When you leave you should be able to:
Set your camera to shoot in aperture/shutter priority
You will be able to shoot in Manual
You will understand when to shoot in Aperture Priority, when to shoot in Shutter Priority, and when to shoot in Manual.
Understand how to set your white balance. How to set your ISO, and what to set it to.
Understand how to read your histogram
You, your camera, something to write with, your manual if you don't shoot Nikon or Canon.
There is very limited space for this workshop, so this workshop is limited to 8 people. This small workshop size will also allow for a great deal of one on one time. I look forward to seeing you there!
What People Are Saying About The Mechanics of Photography Workshops:
"I found this session to be an "Aha" moment. Amy helped me "get it" as far as the settings on the camera. Amy can somehow take a turkey and relate it to cameras and it worked! :) I feel more able to understand what I need to do now and most likely will upgrade to a different camera to get what I want. Amy was very patient and gave individual attention to each of us, plus handouts and suggestions for more information and books. Thanks, AMY!!" ~ Lynn
“ Learned alot! thank-you Amy [I] learned more than I did in THAT 8 hr class! should of went to you first..... ” ~Karen
“So great! I loved Amy's simple explanations on what has always been so hard for others to explain. I played with my camera for a long time when I got home and can't wait to go on some of the meetups... ” ~ Jill
“ Very Good, Very Informative & Not Intimidating!! SO Much better than trying to figure this stuff out cold from a book!!! ” ~ Mary
“ As a newbie, I learned a lot from this workshop, and Amy’s “visual” explanation of the mechanics was just what I needed to understand it. ” ~ Dawn
“ The hand outs were GREAT! The examples Amy did were just what I needed to get a basic understanding ” ~ Melissa
"Very informative and easy to follow. The pictures and examples for varying the controls on a camera exposure were clear and helpful." ~ Jamie
“ This was a great class. Very detailed, but not overwhelming...I actually think I'm ready to trun off the "automatic" setting and try out what my camera has to offer.” ~ Darlene
"Amy's class really REALLY helped me with learning more about my camera. Her instructions were simple and easy to understand and took the intimidation factor out of using my new camera! I would highly recommend this class to anyone staring at their camera and it's manual and wondering what to do!!!" ~ Seneca
"I learned a lot at the workshop last night and am extremely motivated to go out and shoot. Amy was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn how to shoot with a dslr." ~ Alex
"I'm amazed at how much I learned and was able to implement in such a short time!" ~ Ellen
Cost: Super Members $40
Regular Members $50
PAYMENT NOTE: If you are a Super Member 2013, you will get $10 off the cost of this workshop - I will refund this amount in Paypal within 24 hours of your payment.

This class is for beginning users of DSLR cameras. If you already shoot in manual settings, this workshop probably isn't for you.
This class is NOT for point and shoot camera users. Most point and shoot cameras do not have these settings, so this workshop is not for you.
Very Important - This workshop is held at the Caribou Coffee on Woodward at Normandy - there is a small room in the back by the restrooms - that is where we are located. If you go to the wrong coffee shop, or miss it for any reason - the responsibility lies with you.

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