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WtA: Revelation

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First few hours will be building and refining your characters.

*You need details of your first change aka the first time you transformed into a werewolf. The first change is always bloody and someone always dies. Anger, pain, great sadness, or pumping of adrenaline starts the first change. It mostly happens at a young age, but some transform much later in life.

*You need your Breed, Auspice, Tribe, and two paragraph bio of yourself. Put as much as effort as you put into your Vampire characters.

*You are not Rank 1 or have access to your gifts, but you can pick them. You will go through your Rites of Passage in game.

*You will learn the plot as you play, so focus on building your characters.


We have enough Ahrouns! We have one Theurge, one Philodox, but no Ragabash or Galliard. We still have room for Galliard, Philodox, Ragabash, and Theurge. No...more...Ahrouns.

Ahrouns- Fenris and Gnawer

Galliard- Fury

Philodox- Ray

Theurge- Wendigo

Ragabash- Walker

You can play any tribe in the Corebook except Stargazers.

Source: Check the dropbox, I should have a few books available. Also, white wolf wiki can help.