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Raleigh Christmas Parade
Raleigh’s annual Christmas Parade is back, the largest such parade between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. Line the parade route to see bands, floats, dancers, classic cars, superheros and more march through downtown Raleigh, and then watch the rebroadcast on Christmas morning. Route map - Start time: 9:40 A.M. Parade Route: Begins on Hillsborough Street at St. Mary’s Street proceeds to the State Capitol turns right onto Salisbury Street turns left onto Morgan St. Turns right onto Fayetteville St and continues to Lenoir Street where it disbands Length of Parade Route: Approximately 1.4 miles Duration: The Parade will last about 2.5 hours.

Hillsborough Street and St. Mary's Street

800 Hillsborough St · Raleigh, NC


What we're about

Rule 0 - Please go through all below group etiquettes/rules before sending membership request, or personal message to the organizer.

If you are not comfortable following these, there are myriad of meetup groups to match your preferences and interests. I am sure many of those will fit exactly what you are looking for.

Rule 1 - We follow BNBR policy. Be Nice Be Respectful.

Rule 2 - Please make sure you have your picture on the profile before sending membership request.

Rule 3 - Keep your RSVPs up to date. You will be removed from the group after 3 no-shows or last minute cancellations (within 5 hrs. of event start).

Rule 4 - By joining the group, you are agreeing to take out time and respond to organizers emails/questions/polls etc. Everyone is busy so thats not an acceptable excuse every time.

Rule 5 - Remember to keep assumptions and judgements at bay and have fun, keep an open mind, make friends, not just acquaintances you go out for dinner with now and then.

Rule 6 - Gossiping and bitching is absolutely prohibited. We respect disagreements but don't harbor grudges for it. If something someone said bothers you, try to talk it out. Communication is key to long-lasting friendships.

Rule 7 - Punctuality should be a given. Its your responsibility to check traffic conditions and parking situations and take that into account to arrive at the meet up on time.

Rule 8 - You can be added to the watsapp group only after you attend your first meetup.

Rule 9 - On the watsapp group, refrain from sharing news and related links, personal photos, vacation pictures, forwards, memes, 'I made this for breakfast/lunch/dinner today', recipes, good morning, good evening msgs and any other random longform jokes/texts often which would be irrelevant to the group's purpose. Don't be the special snowflake. Theres Facebook & Instagram for such.

Be mindful that most of us are already exhausted with the flood of msgs on our several family and friends watsapp groups so we try to keep this one clean and tidy so that no one is forced to put it on Mute :)

Rule 10 - If anyone is seen to bring a negative or divisive influence on the group, the organizer has the absolute right to remove anyone without any explanation.


This meetup is an initiative to find and connect with people from my culture, to meet and crib about all those Indian 'things' we miss, explore eat out joints, find and enjoy some Indian street food, go for movies, move to those glorious 90s Bollywood songs, plan festival celebrations (Diwali coming up, yay!) etc. etc. Basically, all things India and everything else!

I know how difficult it is for us to leave our country, family and friends behind to a whole new environment and culture. Its hard to belong. And most difficult is finding like-minded people and making friends, like starting school all over again! With this group, I hope to make at least that problem a little easier for you to solve. But it can't be done unless you actively want to do it :)

The group is named exclusively for females but guys are welcome too! Only condition, you must know atleast one of the female members. Send me a message with details so that I can verify. This is just to ensure people don't take us as a dating group. We are all and only about friendship!

Single, engaged, married, complicated ;) .... doesn't matter. North, south, east, west, doesn't matter.

If you are craving for some laughter and fun with Indian-ness, this is the group for you. Do join us!
Looking forward to get the party going :)

We have an active watsapp group as well.

P.S. If you would like to be an event organizer on the group, contact the Organizer.

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