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Inspiration: introduction to different breathwork styles
Welcome to our basic Breathwork workshop, Your doorway to self-exploration and transpersonal experiences! Each day we will introduce a different breathwork style. Theory and Practice of the basic breathing style to reach altered states of consciousness. Day 1 – Rebirthing Day 2- Holotropic Breathwork Day 3 – Vivation Day 4 – Free Breathing In our programm you will: – get to know the history and principles of a proper breathing style; – get an experience of touching your unconsiousness; You might begin the healing process of deep emotional trauma and physical illnesses; – to get variety of transpersonal experiences. Workshop facilitator – Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD in transpersonal psychology, 20 years of experience in various breathwork, founder of European Breathwork School (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), ex-national Russian coordinator at International Breathwork Foundation, author of «Methodology of Integration in Breathwork» She has her special touch of facilitation that does not let you to escape from your real challenges ! Cost of participation – $200 prepaid $300 at the door Individual discounts and the alternative payment system (Da or Lu) are possible (arrange with facilitator personally ) Staying over night possible, please call Tikets

Russian House #1

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We invite you to our Russian House #1, where we usually organize practices and colloquiums for the spiritual seekers and dreamers.

Russian House #1 is a unique integration of

The Magic Place

Place where Miracles happen more often than usual. Here anyone who is ready can meet his own myth or open a fairy tale.

The Space for the Dialog

Our Russian House #1 is a dialog project of two great cultures. The theme we discuss here and now very likely depends on you.

Russian cuisine and its secrets

Eat like in the Russian home but with no alcohol guaranteed.

Fresh & organic food.

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