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Rabbiteer Session #3: Deeper Dreams of Electric Sheep

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Retro Rabbit JHB

19 Melle St, Braamfontein · Johannesburg

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Look for the Retro Rabbit branding on the side of the building; we're on the first floor.

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Our Rabbiteer Sessions are our way of bridging the gap between university and the working world as well as a way to upskill yourself as a working professional. With the fast advancement of tech and design, we make sure you never miss out by giving experts a platform to keep you in the loop.

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Ever wondered what the limits of AI are? So, sure neural networks can classify pictures of cats and determine what movies we might like, but can a neural network be creative? Our resident machine learning engineer Jade Abbott explores whether a neural network can learn to create art by training a generative adversarial neural network to design it's own album covers.

Jade Abbott is a Senior Software Developer and Data Scientist at Retro Rabbit. Since 2013, she's built software for every field from social upliftment to banking, working on projects throughout Africa. She's worked at every end of software (with a particular preference for backend) and considers herself a polyglot. Since then, her focus has shifted to her life long passion - AI and data science. In the past 2 years, training deep learning models to perform a variety of NLP tasks for real life systems. She has recently completed her MSc in Swarm Robotics and as a published researcher has presented her research locally and abroad. When she is not wrangling data, she plays bass for South African instrumental band Follow Me Follow You.

Twitter: @alienelf

Repositories will be made available before the time, as will installation instructions, so if you want to follow along in your own code-base, bring your laptops