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Rabbiteer Session #4: Is this real life. is this virtual reality?

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Our Rabbiteer Sessions are our way of bridging the gap between university and the working world as well as a way to upskill yourself as a working professional. With the fast advancement of tech and design, we make sure you never miss out by giving experts a platform to keep you in the loop.

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Virtual reality. So hot right now. Everyone is talking about all the cool stuff happening in the VR industry right now, but what do you really know about the topic? We want to discuss Virtual Reality - from the basics such as “What is virtual reality?”, “What’s all this hardware for?”, “What’s the difference between VR, AR and MR?”, to more abstract concepts like “How is realism related to inevitability?” and “More locomotion, less motion sickness” and finally from a designer & developers point of view - What are the heuristics for great VR experience design, what to keep in mind when designing environments and interfaces for Virtual Reality, and how to get started with developing your own VR experiences - with pictures! Or rather, Unity 3D and a HTC Vive.

Leandri Viviers and Janeen Breedenkamp are both finishing their honours in Multimedia at UP. They have been at Retro Rabbit for almost 3 years. Leandri is a developer who knows design, where Janeen is a designer that knows development.