Celebrate the Courage of the Suffragists in 2020!

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August 2020 is the Centennial Anniversary of the ratification by the States, of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, finally conferring upon women the right to vote. There damn well better be a host of significant events to commemorate this hard won achievement.

What did it take to get there? How far have we come?
How far do we have yet to travel to achieve gender equality?

In this generation the fight for women's reproductive rights is akin to the Suffrage movement. Something that is so obvious it should be assumed, but is nonetheless opposed by an entrenched investment in a Patriarchal trope: Women, like children, are not sufficiently capable of monitoring and making decisions about their own medical care, even in consultation with their private physician. "We"= Men= the State, must intervene to assert our judgement over their own.

And so we soldier on.