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Dedicated to moving consciously along the journey of this life... including how we do business.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have the desire to “Intentionally Contribute” to the betterment of humanity, then this is the group for you!

We’ll explore topics such as:

-How to blend growing your business and the intention of making a positive impact on humanity.

-Image Congruency - Is your business dress (appearance) aligned with the desired message you want to communiate to your clients?

- Business and Personal Communication – How to speak in a way that is most likely to be heard, handling difficult situations, speaking so doors open, making a proper apology, listening in-between for what’s not being said. Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg - Non Violent Communication.

- Personal Energy Coaching: if you don’t have enough energy, how can you give your clients what they need? You can’t! So where are you losing energy in your life? Re-direct and Funnel energy into forward momentum to realize your dreams and make an impact!

- Exploring Limiting Beliefs: The Work of Byron Katie-INQUIRY,

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Compassionate Communication Practice Group

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