Alternatives in Education - Saturday Symposium

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Every 6 months on the 2nd Saturday

Divine Sight Healing Arts Center

1320 Griffin St E · Dallas

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There ARE viable alternatives to mainstream methods of education. School and "School-at-Home" are not the optimal method for MANY children.

Since the 1960's more and more families have been opting out of the curriculum driven and adult directed approaches to education in favor of "Life Learning" or "Unschooling." This approach to education can be achieved either as a form or Homeschooling, OR in Free Schools or Democratic Schools such as the Sudbury Valley Model.

The positive benefits to family life are numerous AND the educational results have proven over the years to not only be "adequate" in preparing children for adult life, but they often result in higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with life during and after the school years. In fact, the vast majority of grown Unschoolers report that they plan to either Unschool their own children or opt for Democratic Schools or Free Schools that follow a Self-Directed style of learning over curriculum.

In this workshop we will explore Unschooling and answer your questions and concerns about this approach to education. Come hear how other families have ditched the curriculum and FLOURISHED.

The discussion will be determined by the interests and individual questions of attendees, but included in the discussion will be:~ educational philosophy~ research into the way kids learn best~ self-directed learning both at home and in a school setting~ practical solutions

All "levels" are welcome - whether you are just starting to explore this type of education, or you have been practicing it a while. Bring your questions and open your mind to the possibilities!

If you are new to Unschooling please read this link before attending so we can begin the discussion with a basic understanding of the concept:

For further reading on Unschooling and Self-Directed Learning:

If Home Education isn't for you, has great information on Self-Directed Learning in a group or school setting.

IF YOU CAN ARRANGE CHILDCARE, that is preferred for fewer interruptions during the gathering, BUT WE DON'T WANT CHILDCARE TO BE A BARRIER TO PARENTS ATTENDING.

Babies and Nurslings are always welcome in our meetings!

Admission to this MeetUp is $25 per household with a "pay what you can option." We are also going to be Live Streaming for those who sign up for that option. To register and reserve your spot live or online, fill out this form: