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What we’re about

En meet up för alla som vill utforska och byta erfarenheter kring Sociocracy 3.0 – ett princip och mönsterbaserat förhållningssätt för att skapa effektiva samarbeten i organisationer på olika nivåer. Vi diskuterar förslagsbaserade förbättringar, bifallsbaserade beslutsmodeller, cirklar, organisatorisk agilitet och mycket mer. <br>

Vi träffas i Göteborg med roterande träffpunkter – initial puls en gång per kvartal!


Bodil A + Bea D

Radical Collaboration driver:

”We work with & coach individuals and teams working in small and large organisations.

We need a Sociocracy 3.0  network in Gothenburg  to secure exchange of inspiration, insights, practices and experience that will strengthen us in our work to support individuals & teams within the organisations we are serving.”

This meet up will strive to organize content sharing with:
- Lightning talks
- S3 pattern simulations
- S3 principles and patterns useful in everyday work and life that can make a difference in making Gothenburg a better place to live in
- Challenges to continue to discuss/bring home between meetups
- Combine when needed open space, sub groups and whole group exchanges

This meetup will strive to organize sessions in the following manner:
- Breakfast meet ups (ca 07.30-10.00)
- Rotating time and hosts
- Meet every 5th week/bimonthly
- Evaluate in June 2018 towards the meet up driver

Evaluation criteria:
- increase of meet up members daring to try one or several S3 patterns
- increase of amount of people daring to broaden their use of S3 patterns in organisations they work in