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Hi Rebels,
We are excited to welcome you to our second event of this season 'Extreme Dating' we will be hosting a mixer and panel session of experts in the field of creativity, neuroscience, human interactions, dating and world expanding adventures.

630pm Networking

7pm Speakers & Panel - see below

Are you fed up with the options you have with dating?
Do you feel like you want to experience something more inspiring?
Do you want to learn how to get more interesting experiences with dating?

Finally, we as a society are slowly shifting into becoming more curious, accepting and open to different models of relationships, other than the narrow ‘monogamous, marriage, together forever’ model. We have progressed in so many areas including women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, equality amongst genders etc. yet somehow, when it comes to ‘romantic love’ and dating we have been stuck in that one model.

Today is about discussing and exploring other ways to date and approach relationships.

What other options do you have if you’re fed up with Tinder or some other generic dating sites/apps, or your friends introducing you to people they think are right for you (and not quite getting it..!)?

Or how can you learn to approach dating, relationships and sex from a more open & honest perspective, from a perspective that resonates with you?

Or, if you just want some inspiring ideas from people who have been involved in and explored (either professionally or personally or both) the world of dating, relationships and sex and can give you some exciting inspiration about new ways to date and approach relationships.

We are delighted to have the following panelists on board:

Alex Sergent - www.bare.dating
Alex Sergent is a former BBC journalist and launched new-wave events company VEE (V Exuberant Experiences) in June 2018, which already has over 700 subscribers. The company runs workshops and activities largely focused on “bodyfulness” which is about connecting with others through physical touch and the use of all senses. Alex is also a big fan of positive tech and encouraging engagement amongst young people in society and their communities through film making. He is soon due to relaunch his charity Catch21 to focus on offering dance therapy sessions to 16-25 year olds as an alternative to talking therapies.

Anita Cassidy - https://alethya.com
Writer. Co-founded Alethya, a community that champions conscious relationships through socials, workshops and words. Fascinated by the intersection between humans and their social and cultural environment, as well as neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. Her first novel, Appetite, was published in 2018. Lives in London with her two children.

Matt Popkin - http://transformationassistance.com
Matt is a Coach, an Amorati, and an ambassador for Ars Amorata.
'Ars Amorata' is a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure, and the 'Amorati' are the group of men who choose to live their lives in alignment with this philosophy. Matt has always been driven by his sense of curiosity, and his primary values are compassion, respect, and authenticity.

Your host this evening will be
Miia Koponen - www.miiakoponen.com
Miia has always been fascinated about human interaction and in particular - close & intimate relationships people have. She has worked in high end matchmaking in the UK for over 12 years, having learned a lot about how majority of us are conditioned to relate to dating and relationships. She now runs her own Coaching business helping people have better relationships with themselves and with others and realising our individual potential in relationships, instead of trying to fit under the same label as everyone else, often losing our identity in the process.

8pm Panel + Questions from host & the audience

830pm Mixing & Final Drinks

10pm Close