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Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

Transform your Life by Telling the Truth:

Dive into self-exploration and honest self-expression with the tried-and-true process of Radical Honesty meetups.

Are you tired of feeling alone, disappointed, and frustrated in your personal and professional relationships?

Are you fed up with dishonesty and fakery?

Are you hungry for authentic connection with brave people who want to cut the bullshit and get real?

Radical Honesty is the cure for the disconnection of modern life. It's the antidote to playing it small. And it just might save us all from ourselves :)

"What If We All Told The Truth?"
Watch this introduction to Radical Honesty:

Radical Honesty is... 
•  practice in distinguishing between reality and our interpretations about it. We create connection, empathy and trust by truthfully describing what we experience in the moment. 
•  a meditation out loud– with eye contact. We want to realize how we create emotions in our body. By becoming aware of each sensation, we can overcome feelings of guilt, shame and anger. 
•  choosing connection over performance and empathy over-politeness. We actively leave our old roles and masks behind.
The result is not just deeper breathing, a feeling of ease, presence and confidence, you will also enjoy sexy eye contact, better hugs and deeply meaningful relationships.

What you can expect from learning Radical Honesty

・The reinvigoration that comes from dropping your pretending and opening up to those around you
・An intentional context in which to express yourself in ways that you usually hide
・Heightened awareness of your own experience from moment to moment
・Guided practice expressing yourself simply and directly
・Guided practice in getting over your hang-ups
・Support for how to deal with the difficult people in your life

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Radical Honesty London - Intro and Practice Evening

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Radical Honesty London - Intro and Practice Evening

Needs a location

Radical Honesty London - Intro and Practice Evening

Needs a location

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