What we're about

Calling all political independents, moderates, and free/critical thinkers.

Those who feel mis/under represented.

Or, if you're tired of biased (one-sided) political demonstrations in Savannah and your views align with one of our events.

Let's introduce ourselves, talk ideas, debate, rub elbows, plan, and actuate!

Group plans & desires:

• Socialization & character-growth.

• Meet like-minded (open-minded) individuals.

• Refine topics through debate, research, and logic.

• Learn to better convey ones self as a means to this group. (debate, understand, relate), through workshops and other organized events.


• Initiate our own protests & rallies.

• Confront protests & rallies.

• Confront idiocy such as: reactionary, misinformed, and mainstream beliefs as well as hateful individuals and ideology.

• Volunteer in the community.

• Involve & invite others to participate with the group.

• Represent high-minded ideals as a means of this group.

High-minded goals & restrictions:

• Everything can be boiled down to: don't be disingenuous.

• "Radical Moderates" means moderates & independents who want to do something. I took the negative connotation of political radicalism combined it with the assumed lack of energy of moderate political views and hope to create an intelligent and critical refuge which leads to actuation.

• Members found to be acting in bad faith either in the group, or out, will be removed from the organization but will not be blocked from viewing as a member of the public.

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