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Join the ‘Radix DLT London Meetup Group’ to discuss and learn more about the Radix Platform, distributed ledger technology, and its many applications.
Radix is the universal protocol to build and deploy decentralized applications, tokens, and coins.

Radix offers three key advantages to developers:-

1. First, Radix is built from the ground up to be massively sharded. The throughput capacity of the network is only limited by the number of nodes taking part in it. Therefore, every new node that joins the Radix Public Network increases its throughput capacity.

2. Second, we are making it easy for any developer, regardless of their expertise, to develop decentralized applications on our platform. Starting with the Java and JavaScript client libraries, which will allow any full stack developer to start building and interacting with the Radix Network easily.

3. Third, Radix is building various modules to achieve mass adoption. Including but not limited to Scrypto - Smart Contract language, Low-volatility Coin (Stable Coin), Decentralized Exchange, and the Radix Smart card/Debit card.

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