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An introduction to life coaching through some mental exercises - MENTAL YOGA!

Stretch your mind to create alignment, awareness, clarity, purpose, growth and satisfaction in your life. No leotards, physical exercise, bending over, or limb stretching involved.

Over 2 evenings we will go through some thinking exercises and talk through them. These will help you to become more aware of your values and dreams, how you work best, and perhaps set some goals. There will be a brief explanation of life coaching, my story and philosophy on the first night, explaining the similarities with yoga, and from then on it will all be about you, and having fun with some mental stretches, and seeing what we find out about ourselves when we push our thoughts a little. The first session will be on Tuesday 11th October and the second a week later on Tuesday 18th October. Both sessions will start at 6.30 and should last two hours. Charge £10 per person per session or £15 for the pair.

Location: Gwehelog Village Hall

For a taster, to see whether you would enjoy the evenings, contact me and I will send you a free starter exercise.

Or further information please contact me either by phone 07947 370453 or 01873 881054 or by email joedaleyemail@icloud.com

Look forward to seeing you there!

Joe Daley

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