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The Future of App Deployment: an opinionated tech talk by Phusion

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Writing an app is one thing, deploying it to a production ready environment and keeping it online in the face of countless potential scenarios of adversity is an entirely different beast. Not only does it currently still involve a fair bit of expertise when it comes to unix-fu, it also involves keeping an eye out on the latest software and configure them properly to combat things like security breaches. This is all generally considered tedious and cumbersome work, and often outside the domain of knowledge of developers. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't need to go through as many hoops as we need to do today and make it more developer friendly?

This talk will go over the most important steps currently involved in setting up a production environment for your a web app and will propose alternative approaches as well in the form of new software solutions developed by Phusion. This talk will focus on app deployment, monitoring and server provisioning, but will also touch upon topics such as UI design and UX as the latter plays an important part in making things more accessible. More specifically, we'll discuss how we have used Docker, Polymer, Node, Rails, Phusion Passenger, Union Station and much more.

Special thanks goes out to our our friends over at Constant Contact that have generously offered to host us at their Waltham office (with Pizza/soda's!): there will be space for up to ~100 people and we look forward meeting you!