December 2016 RailsBridge Cape Town Workshop

Hosted by RailsBridge Cape Town

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Learn to code or level up with RailsBridge.

Our events are targeted at groups of people that are underrepresented in tech. The workshops teach practical skills useful to those investigating new career paths, looking to compliment their current skill set, or simply interested in gaining a better understanding of software.

This time we’ll be running the Front-end course ( It's an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: the building blocks of the web. You’ll create a web page about yourself and (optionally) publish it on the web.

Our workshops are quite informal. You’ll work through the documentation at your own pace, asking questions and getting answers from yourself, the other attendees, and from mentors who are close by in case you would like some help.

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Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct ( Thanks! :)