V. M.V. M.

V. M.



Tempe, AZ

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May 30, 2019


Hey everyone! I'm a recent grad, genetics researcher, out looking for a new, fun group of friends (just like the L word, minus all the drama!). Transmasculine, forever embracing the wlw community. Let's drink craft beer and go on adventures!

Five words that best describe me:

Adventurous, passionate, romantic, inquisitive, and a bit shy

If I had a week off, and no financial restrictions, I would....

I'd stay a week in a coastal town by a lighthouse, maybe Montauk NY or in the northwest. Or rent/buy a cottage in a deep, enchanted forest somewhere in Europe (and maybe just end up staying there!)

Three things that I most enjoy doing are...

Listening and dancing to classic country, spending time with and riding horses, & partying/hanging out with friends in Melrose!