What we're about

This is a practical, on-line, geekout for geek parents to share the hacks, tips, tricks, trials, errors and experiences of passing on the hacker culture and traditions to our kids.

Let's share the community and on-line resources we've found useful, the books that have inspired us or empowered our kids. Which toys, games, kits, tools and activities have worked for your kids, and which haven't?

Let's trade ideas for home makerspaces and techno-tree-houses. Let's figure out how to guide and catalyze without pushing or leading too much.

Let's talk about having the talk.

Not that one. I mean the "just because you CAN pick locks doesn't mean you always SHOULD" ethical hacking talk.

Don't we all need a group of sympathetic parents to turn to when our kids get banned from the Arts and Crafts table for showing the other kids how to make things that actually DO something?

Let's Hang Out!