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Raising Maker Kids: Tinkering, Mindstorms, Duct Tape & Love

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This week we may use the Tinkering Tenets from The Art of Tinkering book, published by the Exploratorium as the jumping off point for our discussion during the Geekout.

Remember to make a reservation on the Geekout page on (

Here are the Tinkering Tenets for your review:

• Merge Science Art and Technology

• Create Rather than Consume

• Revisit and Iterate on your Ideas

• Prototype Rapidly

• Use Familiar Materials in Unfamiliar ways

• Embrace your Tools

• Express Ideas via Construction

• Be comfortable not knowing

• Reinvent old technologies (and discover new ones, too)

• Go ahead, get stuck

• Seek real-world examples everywhere

• Try a little "Snarkasm"

• Balance Autonomy with Collaboration

• Put yourself in messy, noisy, and sometimes dangerous situations

• Take your work seriously without taking yourself seriously

Because tinkering should be fun. And when you let go of your ego, you give yourself permission to focus and play. That's when the good stuff happens.

NOTE: This is an on-line geekout through Homago. Participation is limited to 9. You need to make your reservation here: