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Raising your Vibration in the Year of 2015!

The purpose of “Raising Your Positive Vibration Group” is to raise the vibration of people around the world by creating opportunities to awaken to their true spiritual purpose and helps collectively transform the reality around us. We have earned the return of our spiritual gifts, welcome them!

By being part of a group like this one may help you, as you can talk about these experiences without anyone placing judgment on them. Some people have extreme fear of psychic abilities and some feel these abilities should never be discussed and should remain a secret. We are in the midst of planetary ascension. There has been a great deal of discussion about the Earth, Terra Gaia, moving into a higher dimension, therefore operates at a very different frequency! The truth is being revealed and we are returning to our divine inheritance and potential! It is time to share these experiences so we can reduce the trauma, shock and fear that occurs when people begin to experience the truth of reality.

We can’t make empowered choices until our vibration is raised. Consciousness becomes instinctive then, not forced.


Every week we will explore a specific concept to quickly advance and deepen your own personal transformation into higher levels of consciousness. By understanding and mastering energy we can unlock the secret to changing the world and ourselves

Love, Light and Laughter!


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