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Raising your Vibration in the Year 2019!

To achieve a state where your entire being is thoroughly awakened to happiness, you have to go on a transformation journey. The aim of this journey is to enable you explore your internal Universe.

The purpose of “Raising Your Positive Vibration Group” is to help people around the world by creating a conscious environment with opportunities to awaken to their true purpose and help collectively transform the reality around us.

If you're ready to start this journey which would involve you diving into your inner universe to reconnect with your inner self and life purpose, you can achieve a true awakening to happiness and peace.

We can’t make empowered choices until our vibration is raised. Consciousness becomes instinctive then, not forced.

Every week we will explore a specific concept to quickly advance and deepen your own personal transformation into higher levels of consciousness. By understanding and mastering our experience we can unlock the secret to changing our inner universe which will have an amazing impact in our external universe.

"Happiness is not a destiny, it is the experience we have when we live in connection with our inner being"

Love, Light and Laughter!


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Magical Spiritual Retreat

Magical Log House

Perspectives in 3D and 4D

Blaisdale Montessori School, Annex Campus

The Third Dimensional Systems

Blaisdale Montessori School, Annex Campus

High Vibrational Energy Healing Circle

Blaisdale Montessori School, Annex Campus

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