5/5 Unique One on One Immersion for You!

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Hello High Vibers!

It's all about you in 2019!

What new and exciting thing will swoop in to make your heart leap with excitement? How great could you really actually feel? What will you finally let go of forevermore?

I love the spring season! It is the most optimal time to refresh and reboot. Let's meet up one-on-one and devote the time entirely to you.

It is very striking how our lives and our world have evolved and how different the messages are from years past. Change and choice are the way of the New Human. We started hearing of paradigm shifts and newly emerging energies long ago...those shifts have happened now and we are fully embedded in a new era. It's time to release, allow, and finally evolve into our authentic purpose now, in this moment.

Your customized session will be a unique combination of pre-cognition, mediumship and channeling with evolutionary mentoring woven in. You will learn what life has in store for you AND how to co-create with the universe in putting the brightest sparkle onto your own big picture!

For sessions registered and booked for the month, I am offering a Flash Sale of $49 for a 30 minute in-depth immersion devoted entirely to you.

***Email me at [masked] with your best days/times of availability and we will get your personal revolution started! (date listed on meetup is arbitrary as we will find the mutually best time!)
In-person or Zoom - private address will be given upon your RSVP. Number of sessions available are limited.

Let's do this! Sheila

RSVP HERE: https://www.meetup.com/Raising-Your-Vibrations/

On Sheila Cash: After decades of fulfilling work in the fields of psychic, mediumship, channeling and personal spiritual mentoring, I have been guided even further into expanding consciousness practices. Since publishing two books on conscious evolution, I’ve continued my private channeling practice with a teacher from Arthur Findley over the last couple of years, continued channeling "the evolutionary impulse" and spent the past year channeling the “New Human” with the iconic Barbara Marx Hubbard.

I’ve progressed through a number of major life transformations as well, including a move to the Chesapeake Bay where I meditate by the water’s edge and communicate with the bald-eagles, blue herons and tundra swans, and have been immersing in energy medicine and other spiritual practices in the WE-space of unity consciousness with global groups. One of my practices is walking barefoot in the grass and as I walk along I often recall so many fond memories of all the explorations that we made over all the years in our meetups and the portals that were opened, leading us all to 2019.

Though our members practiced in circles and teleclasses for a couple of decades and more than 75 different psychic topics, I've gained a wealth of even more training, insights, and inter-dimensional connections. And wow, have the messages changed since we all began here in this meetup a dozen years ago!

A new paradigm of consciousness is on the horizon. One that both supports and empowers every individual with their own personal connection.

My vibration is higher than it's ever been. I have even greater access to the universal inner authority. Deeper guidance is what channeled the books I wrote in recent years - the messages from Evolve Your Life are coming in fast and furiously. I have learned more modalities and am ready to share it all with you....including channeling of the universal impulse itself, and wisdom from our collective DNA.

Clients are on Cloud 9 with the I.C.O.N.A. Path!