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I formed the Amateur Musicians League (AML) for:

• People who've taken up an instrument at an unlikely age and are having difficulty finding like-minded adventurers with whom to practice, make music, and learn.

• People who love, know something about, and want to play Blues, R&B, and Jazz primarily, and maybe Funk and Surf.

• People who consider themselves amateur* players on guitar or bass (acoustic and electric), keyboard, vocals, rhythm percussion, harmonica, xylophone, trumpet, saxophone, trombone.

My story: five years ago, at fifty-seven, I started studying the drums (drum set). At the time I had a dream of starting a "granny band" by the time I was sixty. Well, that dream wasn't realized for obvious reasons...music is a hard instrument. I also studied and played piano (and keyboard) the first quarter of my life.

I'm working on the initial meet up. If you've ideas be in touch, and stay tuned.

*"According to the French and Latin roots of the word, to be an amateur is to be “a lover.” One who loves, and one who does out of love. How amazing is that? Why would we ever, in our right minds, stigmatize such a word?" Justin Colletti, http://www.trustmeimascientist.com/2013/11/04/op-ed-how-to-tell-if-youre-an-amateur-musician/


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