• Memorial Picnic

    Rollingview State Park

    PICNIC & SWIM PARTY May 26 (Sunday) 2pm–5:00pm Memorial Weekend The Community House at Rolling View, Falls Lake 4201 Baptist Rd. Durham, NC 27704 This event does not involve a political discussion, but I'd like to invite Chautauqonians to a picnic! Let's celebrate Memorial Weekend by going to this lake house and enjoying a picnic and a swim on a lazy Sunday afternoon just before summer kicks in. The next day is Memorial Day… no work! I’ve rented the Community House right on the lake. It’s a very short walk to the sandy beach. This house has a full kitchen, a wrap-around porch with rocking chairs, a fireplace, 15 tables & 72 chairs, grills, AC, our own indoor bathrooms… it has it all. Home sweet home, on the lake. If it rains, no problem… we have the house. Everyone bring food to share (including a serving spoon) and your drink. It’s a state park, so they say that no alcohol (or dogs) are allowed. There are charcoal grills there. Anyone is welcome to use them, but you must cook your own meat. Cost is $5 cash (it cost me $198 to rent the Community Building). It would be helpful if you had exact change. The park charges a $7 per car entrance fee. No small kids at this event, please. Teens & adults are fine. Other groups have also been invited to this event. There will be about 25 or so more people not listed here. Fun event!

  • Assisted Suicide

    Temple Beth Or

    Should Assisted Suicide be legal in NC? A Rabbi will be on hand to discuss the ethical issues associated with the hard decisions we make at the end of our lives.

  • Introverts vs. Extroverts

    Harris Teeter Cafe

    DISCUSSION: We will discuss the differences between introverted people, and extroverted people, and what annoys each group. Extroverts urge introverts to get out of the house, to stay at the party, to live life. Introverts want to be understood and left alone. How do we all co-exist? RESPECT We ask that no one interrupts another while they are speaking. Also, to keep any individual from dominating the group, speaking time for each person will be limited to about a minute. HOW TO FIND US: Enter Harris Teeter and turn right. The café is in the front corner of the store. BRUNCH: The discussion starts at 12:00, but I will arrive around 11:30 for brunch. You can join me if you wish, or just come for the discussion. The Harris Teeter café offers a buffet that has a wide variety of food, including sesame chicken, rice, potatoes, fruits, salads, and more. There's a coffee machine next to our tables.

  • The 2020 Census

    Temple Beth Or

    Understanding the upcoming census

  • Alternative Political Parties

    Temple Beth Or

    What are the minor political parties? In a system dominated by two main parties, is it worthwhile to vote for these other choices?

  • The Homeless

    The Station at Person Street

    Meet at THE STATION (701 N. Person St.) at noon for lunch & discussion, then we'll walk to the church (824 N. Bloodworth S.) at 1:30 to tour a facility for the homeless. Lunch & Discussion: 12:00 Tour: 1:30 DISCUSSION & LUNCH We will discuss how the homeless live, along with psychological and sociological reasons why people become homeless. TOUR Elaine has kindly invited our group to tour the Community Engagement Center at the Open Table United Methodist Church, where Elaine is a volunteer. The Community Engagement Center is held in the church's basement. It's a safe place for people currently without homes, where they can hang out during the day, get a hot meal (breakfast and lunch), take a nap if needed, get free OTC drugs, toiletries, and other resources. The Community Engagement Center's address is 824 N. Bloodworth Street in downtown Raleigh. RESPECT We ask that no one interrupts another while they are speaking. Also, to keep any individual from dominating the group, speaking time for each person will be limited to about a minute.

  • The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

    Temple Beth Or

    The current state of this long conflict, and how it might be resolved.