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This will be a follow-up discussion for last night's meeting: 'Should Marijuana be Legalized in NC?' This get-together is for those who want further and more in-depth discussion, for those who didn't get a chance to voice some of their thoughts, or for those who were unable to make the meeting (me!) on Monday March 18.

I have invited folks from our Philosophy Group to join us. The people in that group are similar to our group in that they are bright, inquisitive, open-minded, and love a respectful debate.

We will discuss whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

We will also ask the following questions:
~Should marijuana be legalized in all states?
~Should marijuana only be used for medicinal purposes?
~Is recreational pot use okay?
~What age limit should be given for pot consumption?
~What about driving while high?
~Do most people depict stoners as low-lifes? (!!)
~Would you want your teenaged child smoking pot?
~What should the penalties be for someone who smokes illegally?

I went to Alaska last summer (where marijuana is legal), and would like to share my experience at a head shop. The owners were classy, not "strobe lights and Bob Marley posters"-ish. They seek an classy image and want to kill the 60's stereo-type image. They had several small glass bottles filled with pot, each giving a different high, and they discussed the effects of each sample with customers. For example, one gave a very relaxing body-high, another gave a heady high, and the rest were several degrees in-between. They hope to come across as fine wine connoisseurs, not stoners.

The heady paranoia some felt in the 70's after smoking marijuana was the result from some croppers breeding the plant to enhance the THC effects, thus mostly eliminating the relaxing elements of the plant's natural chemicals.

We ask that no one interrupts another while they are speaking. Also, to keep any individual from dominating the group, speaking time for each person will be limited to about a minute or two.

This is a new venue. See photos below. They have really cool beers, is dog-friendly for polite dogs, and there's free popcorn. Hey! You can also bring food in here. They normally have a food truck, but I don't think there's a food truck on Tuesday nights because the place is rather empty on Tuesday evenings. Depending on how many people come, we may pull tables together (to have our seats more round than long) so someone on one end of the long table can hear the person on the other end.