What we're about

October 2016 a group of 12 powerful business women together created an event ... an experience ... for women (and a few smart men, of course) entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide the skills required to take our businesses from Great to Extraordinary. Almost 200 women invested in themselves that day and this year we're going from Extraordinary ... to what it takes to Build a Legacy, Friday November 3, 2017!

Be with us in this group if this fits who you see yourself as for people:

>> Women in business who are ready to take their business or careers from extraordinary to building a Legacy.
>> You have already experienced a level of success, and you know there are still some skills required to move into a Legacy business.
>> You are already up at bat swinging and running the bases.
>> You want things, yet you are willing to do what it takes to succeed, without violating the rights of others.
>> You do not believe in competition, but rather collaboration, providing better value for clients in harmony with others.
>> You know that your results exceed or match your level of investment. You are willing to 'pay to play.'
>> You know your purpose and want to reach other with your message.
>> You are a continuous learner and supporter of other women.
>> You are diplomatic and thoughtful. You want to be part of a business Excelerator family looking only for the success and greatness of other women.

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