What we're about

Hello. Welcome. This is a round table critique group. What happens you ask?

1. Bring an exerpt, double spaced maximum of 1500 words. This can be a story, poem, essay, whatever and a pen (no pencils please).
2. Sit with fellow authors.
3. Place your manuscript in the center of the table with everyone else's.
4. In order of first arrived to last, pick up the closest manuscript.
5. When all have been dispersed, initial the manuscript in your hands.
6. Go to town with objectivity until you're finished marking the manuscript. Then pass to the right.
7. Repeat Step 5 & 6 until you see the one you started with.
8. Collect your manuscript, pay your tab, and leave.

It is not the intention of this group to be known as freeloaders, we're taking up space within a business, please respect this fact and make a purchase. If you would like to stay and get to know the authors at the table, please feel free to do so.

The organizer will stay for two hours if you have questions, concerns, are running late, etc.

What is the point of this you ask?

To help each other become better at what we are passionate about doing. There is a school of thought that believes that you will get better over time, which is true, if you have someone reading your work. If we are the only people reading what we write, how can we know if we've improved?

Help us = Help you.

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Boylan Bridge Brewpub

2000 words or less. Bound. A pen is helpful. The weather seems to be turning to warm nights, let's sit outside before it's too hot and sticky!

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