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Introductory Guitar
The Raleigh Guitar Meetup is designed for individuals who are interested in learning how to play the guitar and/or want to improve their guitar-playing skills. Initial investment is minimal (as opposed to starting out with private lessons at a higher cost.) While it is not required that each member attend each session, it is recommended (and more beneficial) if attendance is consistent for the initial sessions. Some individual attention is provided (as opposed to self-learning using a lesson book, CD, and/or DVD.) Based on the skill-playing levels of each of the members of the Raleigh Guitar Meetup, additional Meetup sessions will be created to accommodate various interests and targeted areas of improvements of the different level of guitar players. For example, there may be a subset of guitar players who are quite adept at playing basic chords and want to learn more complex chord voicings. Some guitarists may be interested in improving their rhythm playing whereas other players may want to improve their ability to play lead solos. The long-term plan is to accommodate guitar players at every skill level. What is expected of you: Have an idea of your initial focus. If you are a beginner, you'll want to learn the basics and how to get started. Be open and honest about your playing level and current skills. If you've never attempted to play, that's OK; that's what this Meetup is for. Understand that each session is for the benefit of the group and that each session will progress at a suitable pace for the majority. Understand that it takes time and practice to learn how to play the guitar and/or improve your guitar playing. Don't expect to fully understand all aspects initially. During the course of sessions, a little music theory may be necessary. Like many other things you've learned in your past experiences, not all things make total sense right away. Eventually you'll experience the "a-ha moment." Be considerate of your fellow group members. We understand that life happens. If something comes up and you will not be able to attend a session, please change your Meetup Response to "No" so that someone else may have the opportunity to attend the session. Although we hope that this does not occur, if the Meetup is not meeting your expectations, inform one of the organizers. We'll see if another session can be created that suits your needs.

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