What we're about

We have a group of guys that enjoys getting together to run up and down the court for exercise. We are all in our late twenties all the way up to late 40's. None of us are professionals but for the most part we can all be competitive. Some struggle to catch their breath while others are not sweating. Point is, there is a wide range of talent that plays weekly. It's occasionally difficult to get a group of guys together every week so I am looking to expand the list to others that can/want to play!

The pick up games will be on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:30pm at a church in downtown Raleigh. ***You do not have to be a church member or religious to play***

We split the cost of renting out the court and it will typically come out to $10-$15 per person (depending on the number of players that night).

If you are interested in playing, please join! I will get the details to you after we connect.

***A member asked me a little more about the money so I wanted to share with everyone in the group what I responded to him***

It is 10-15 every week, that is the only downside. All the money goes towards renting the gym for the couple hours. I do not pocket any nor does anyone else. The gym comes in at 70 per hour and we have it for 2 hours. So a total of 140 for the 2 hours. It is a nice gym, not a regulation size but plenty big enough to run 5v5. If 10 guys play it would be 140/10=$14 per person and if 15 play, it would be 140/15=$9.33 per person. At the end of the day, we are just a group of guys trying to have a good basketball run, I am not making money off this. :)

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