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Learning to heal ourselves in this lifetime, embracing Soul Growth and Development is the basis of our work. We founded Skybear to help people heal from incidents of this lifetime as well as prior incarnations. We employ many healing modalities working with Spirit and the Universal Life Force, including Past Life Regressions, Reiki and Mediumship. Our nearly two decades of experience in Spirit Communication including Trance Mediumship, Direct Voice, and Mental Mediumship; our certification in Past Life Regressions and Reiki Master, as well as our books on Proving Mediumship through Academic Research combine to offer others the best, well rounded understanding and training in self-healing. Our purpose is to share insights and promote these healing modalities; teaching others to become practitioners so they too can share the concept of Spiritual Healing with even more people. All healing is accomplished through work with Spirit, Spirit Communication is the key. It is all about Healing.

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Working closely with her Guides, Deborah Richmond Foulkes photographed her Spirit Guides unknowingly...and then discovered that the photo when developed by a random CVS photo store contained ectoplasm representing her Guides, three Knights and a Lady.

In this class we will use skills of deeper meditation to begin or enhance our communication with our Guides in Spirit.

From Spirit we learn that we choose our Guides before our incarnation and our main Guide holds that blueprint that we developed as the goal(s) of our lifetime for soul growth and development.

In this class, as in all our seminars most everyone will receive a message from Spirit. Bring your positive energy, curiosity and open mind to learn more about Spirit Communication in the process.

Deborah Richmond Foulkes, CM, FSAScot is an award winning author with six books written with Spirit on Proving Past Lives through Mediumship and Academic Research. She is a Certified Medium, completing the Morris Pratt three year Medium Certification course. Deborah's work in Trance Mediumship began at the ISF - International Spiritualist Federation (Finland, Canada, England) as well as working with the late Glyn Edwards in Boston and at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England (https://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org). Deborah's expertise on Past Lives was enhanced by completing the Brian Weiss certification courses on Past Life Regressions.


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SPIRIT COMMUNICATION- Working With Our Guides in Spirit

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