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Those who love Science yet endeavor to know the Creator of the Universe. They will allow Science to provide clarity of thought and spirit, and Science will serve to reveal the one who created the Universe. Also, as we seek this Creator, we can do so with full intellectual honesty with full analytical faculties engaged. Note that a strong focus will be using the Bible in the context of Christianity; yet this is not a typically religious group. We will always approach learning and arrive at conclusions while being fully intellectually honest and transparent about our thinking while we delve deeper into our faith into God and Jesus Christ. Other thoughts about how we and all humanity approach this deep topic of the existence of God are welcome; there will never be any pressure to think a certain way. This is a venue for total openness, learning, and honest feedback. A love for Science helps tie it all together as we study the nature of reality in the context of everything we see in the Universe around us, from elementary particles and quantum mechanics, to the implications of the spiritual dimensions and entities, and into life itself, DNA, and astrophysics.

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