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Purpose of the group: To gather people together that like to sing, play, or listen to music for informal, for-fun, hobbyist music party (or "singing party" or "jam session"). Not karaoke, but more like 'live karaoke' (i.e. not using recorded 'tracks') with one or more people playing songs and them or others singing along ... Anyone that plays and/or likes to sing informally and likes music from "a few decades ago" ("nostalgic" music) is welcome join the group.

This idea came about via me (Jim, creator of this group) having had small "friends-and-neighbors" music parties, and people suggesting that this might make for a fun Meetup group/idea!

The intent is not to "form a band" or do public performances, but instead, meet in people's homes (Jim's initially) to share in music making. Most any "nostalgic" genre would be fine, such as early rock and pop such as 1950s-1980s, or show tunes, jazz standards, etc., older music from say 1920s to 1940s. That is the "Nostalgic" part of the group name! I added "20th Century" to the title since the idea is music from 19xx!

Meetings of the group would be members gathering at a home (originator of group will volunteer his home initially), lists of possible songs passed around, and Jim and/or others would play songs for people to sing along to. Lyrics for many songs are ready to go, as are chord charts for those that play along (such as on guitar or piano).

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Singing Together (in person!)

1508 High Holly Ln

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1508 High Holly Ln

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