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You've been in business and things are going well but it's time to take your small business to the next level.

This series of four workshops for small business owners is designed to help you elevate business performance.

This series is perfect for business owners who want to:

- Learn how to communicate with employees to get more buy-in, productivity, and overall performance
- Learn how to create flexible communication to appeal more quickly to your customers
- Learn how to create a brand story and find the right customers when they're ready to buy
- Learn simple ways to improve SEO for greater visibility
- Learn consultative selling techniques so you can confidently (and predictably) get more sales
- Learn how to uncover the key information and resolve concerns using powerful questions

Workshops dates and topics are:

June 21st: Recognizing employee communication styles
June 28th: Building your brand story and SEO basics
July 12th: Selling on purpose: Consultative selling
July 19th: The Power of Inquiry: Asking Questions that matter

Join us for Raleigh Small Business Series hosted By Greer Method Complete Coaching, Blueforest Studios and Carrboro Creative. You will get expert training from Jared Greet, a business coach, Ammon Ehrisman, and video producer and owner of Blueforest Studios, and Caity Kelly, managing partner for Carrboro creative and branding expert.

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Virtual: Raleigh Small Business Series

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Workshop #3: Selling on purpose: Consultative selling

5621 Departure Dr

Workshop #2- Build Your Brand Story AND your SEO!

5621 Departure Dr

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