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You want to broaden your horizon and try out some lesser known games? You are interested to find out what indie and small press games are out there waiting to be discovered? You have trouble committing to the time needed for a long-term campaign but you would really like to try out new games?

Then RTR Game Day is for you!

We are offering Try It Out style games, preferably in indie and small press games, on a 2-sessions-per-month cycle. Come and find out what RTR's GMs have to offer you!

We ask that you commit to both events in a month. Our GMs put in the effort to prepare and run a game for two sessions, one session per day. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the games we offer.

April session

Note: Due to store availability there is only one April session! We will therefore specifically feature games that are meant to be played in a single session, or run by GMs who have asked for a single session game.

Durance -- GM: Joe Carr

Developed by the same people who made FIASCO, Durance follows a very similar concept. Think colonies on other planets inhabited by convicts and law enforcement, as well as some civilians who came along for the ride. At the beginning of the game players take turns selecting elements of the colony as well as the society they will be living in. Then you choose characters, one on the authority side and one on the convicts side, and flesh them out with the input from all around the table. The objective of the game is to cause other characters to break their oath or die. (Note: Because it is a fundamental part of the game experience, character generation will happen at the table.)

Players: Brendan Clougherty (1 out of 4)

"Weird War II" Savage Worlds -- GM: Charles White

Savage Worlds is all about Fast, Furious, Fun! All the traditional dice are used, with the exception of d20. It is a fairly simple system that is easy to pick up. It takes 5 min to learn and years to enjoy.

Read more about Weird War II here. (

Players: Brandon Smith, Jonn Perry (2 out of 6)