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The Miskatonic Society - Session 5

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It is June 1920 and the Miskatonic Society is entangled in a conspiracy that seems to pit ROSE and another mysterious organization against each other. Will the Society pick sides or be collateral damage?

PLEASE NOTE: We have three tables!!

Table 1: "WANTED: ANTIQUARIANS NEED FOR APPRAISAL OF GOODS"; Keeper - Bryan S; Players (5) - Doc, Tom B, Stewart L, Linus , Travis C FULL TABLE

Description: Ronald Hauper is recently deceased and the Miskatonic Society is looking for a few members to appraise his rather unique antiques.

Table 2: "Just Deserts"; Keeper - Eric Players (5) - Paula, Ryan C, Brian O, Richard W, Anwar H FULL TABLE

Description: The Dewitt House and the Miskatonic Society is hosting Josephus Belle's promotion party. It seems that ROSE has taken a keen interest in Professor Belle, to the extent that Neville Welke, the Chancellor of ROSE, has traveled to Arkham to offer Belle his well wishes. Soon after Chancellor Welke's arrival, a couple of Asian gentlemen appear in Arkham asking about the Miskatonic Society...

Table 3: "Old Times with Old Ones"; Keeper - Dave; Players (5) - Shan M, Brian H, Jonn P, Allie H, Graham FULL GAME

Description: With summer here, students are gone from the campus to leave behind only the most die-hard and the support staff to the university. The Society has been hearing little rumblings and stirrings of discontent though, some of the faculty at the University have been complaining of odd dreams and trouble sleeping. With all of that has occurred lately, it would not be good to just let such go without notice, so Professor Belle has asked a few members of the Society to ask around and see what is troubling everyone.