• Rancho Compasion Volunteer Work Day!

    Private residence

    • What we'll do: Who likes getting down and dirty while doing good deeds? Our ponds are filled with duckweed and our amphibain friends are fleeing for less boggy homes. We'd like them back! Bring your waterproof boots or waders and plan to get a little muddy. We will provide skimmers and a canoe for the deeper areas. We also need to complete construction of our newest structure. Iif you prefer to stay clean, you can help with that task. We will give the critters some lovin' and relax and refuel with a fun vegan potluck lunch. Limited space, so sign up early! Our plan is to work from 9 to 1 and then nosh from 1 to 2:30. If you need to cancel, please remove yourself from the list so people on the waiting list can take your place. No need to write us, just take yourself off. Please note we will track no shows and remove any member, at our discretion, if they do not provide adequate notice. We look forward to seeing you soon and appreciate those who want to volunteer to work at Rancho! • What to bring - Wear work clothes and rugged shoes or boots (BE PREPARED TO GET DIRTY). No flip flops or sandals as our four-footed friends have been known to get too friendly and step on toes. We have some work gloves, but if you have your own, please bring them. Bring a water bottle, it can get hot on the ranch. - A Potluck will follow the work event. EACH person should bring one item to share (a main or side). Please bring your own drink. Your potluck item should be enough to serve 6-8 people and should be ready to serve - we will not have access to a kitchen to warm dishes. Since we are aiming to have a zero waste event, we are asking that you please and bring your own plates, cups and utensils. • Important to know Address is a private residence. (Do NOT share or "bring" guests). We will email you the exact address after confirming that you have signed the waiver. If you do not have the address, please send a Meetup message BEFORE Saturday morning and AFTER you've signed the waiver. You can also private message us on Facebook. Note many navigators have sent our guests on a round-about route that ended somewhere other than Rancho (Google is best). Also note cell reception can be spotty on the ranch so we do not always get messages in a timely manner. Please do not share the address with others. Each person must RSVP for themselves. Individuals 16 years or older may volunteer for this event. Minors must have adult supervision and a guardian must sign the waiver. No companion animals allowed for their safety. This is a workday, not a visitation day. If you would like to visit Rancho, you can sign-up here https://www.ranchocompasion.org/event/. Everyone who attends MUST sign a waiver if you are a newcomer (or if your wavier was not submitted electronically). Access waiver here: https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/576ac9a938de9/web/. Please check out our website (http://ranchocompasion.org/) and consider donating (http://ranchocompasion.org/contribute). We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means your donations are tax deductible. As a pubic charity we must receive a majority of our funding from the public to retain our charitable status. Thank you!