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Skepticon 5 - Free Convention in Springfield, MO 11/9 -11/11/12

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Skepticon 5!! I'll post more information later, as it becomes available. Here's the official website :

Skepticon is an annual skeptics convention set in Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is home to the Assemblies of God and several religious universities (such as Evangel and Drury). The area is affectionately referred to by many locals as the buckle of the bible belt. This is why in the Fall of 2008, JT Eberhard, Lauren Lane, and the MSU Chapter of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster invited PZ Myers and Richard Carrier to the Missouri State campus to criticize belief in god. The event was well-attended and was retroactively dubbed Skepticon. They have been repeating the fun since then, so this year it's Skepticon 5. The current list of speakers is :

Jessica Ahlquist
Richard Carrier
Sean Carroll
Greta Christina
James Croft
Matt Dillahunty JT Eberhard
Phil Ferguson
David Fitzgerald
Julia Galef
George Hrab Deborah Hyde
Keith Lowell Jensen
Amanda Knief
Teresa MacBain
Hemant Mehta PZ Myers
Jennifer Oulette
Tony Pinn
Darrel Ray
Rebecca Watson