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Please Read What Raw Natural Hygiene is About Before Deciding to Become a Member We are looking for active members who will participate in Potlucks and events. Please don't join just to join another Meetup.

We are looking for serious members who are looking for the ultimate health and well-being lifestyle and diet. If you are interested in attending our events at least 2 or more times a year please join as a member. The more you attend the more you benefit. Health is Wealth! More can be learned from the "Pages" link above.

Raw Natural Hygiene, put simply, is a method of eating and taking care of oneself that allows the body to stay in perfect health. If the body is in a diseased situation, then, Raw Natural Hygiene allows the body to recover and become sickness and disease free.

Simply using a variety of raw fruits and vegetables as ingredients to make delicious satisfying meals will delightfully surprise the most discerning taste buds. See pictures at the bottom.


The basic common sense premise behind the raw food diet and lifestyle is this: Our bodies are made up of trillions of living cells and each one of these cells needs living nutrition to stay healthy. When food is cooked or heated above 107 degrees it begins vitamin and phytonutrient destruction along with minerals that become denatured as temperature increases, rendering them unusable to the trillions of cells that make up our body. Sooner or later the result will be acute and chronic disease.


This meetup is for those who want to learn, discuss and put into practice the basic principles of Raw Natural Hygiene. Introduced through the knowledge of those successfully living a raw plant based diet and lifestyle.


Prevention is key; you don’t have to become sick, but If you are, Raw Natural Hygiene is your answer. There are also other natural approaches to reversing health issues through Chiropractic, Natural Dentistry and Fasting to mention a few.

Hi my name is Curt Griffing, organizer of Raw Natural Hygiene, and I have been living a Raw Natural Hygiene lifestyle for over 35 years and I have found that the toughest part of a healthy lifestyle is usually the part that enters our mouth. I can share with you ways to make meals easy and delicious without heat. With our monthly raw potlucks you will experience tasty creations made by others along with great conversations. We will also be scheduling speakers, raw dinner events, classes and group discounts on produce, nuts and seeds and other goods.

The benefits of the raw food lifestyle are huge and the glowing reports have been many. Maintaining great health in all areas of your life or reversing chronic health conditions are the benefits of the raw plant based diet and lifestyle. We have witnessed diabetics recover, arthritis disappear, high blood pressure and high cholesterol go back to normal, thyroid issues disappear, obesity no more, clogged arteries cleared and much more. The benefits go on and on, we have seen many serious health conditions and diseases greatly improve or disappear when practicing this diet and lifestyle.

Those who adopt a raw food lifestyle always report that they have an added benefit of more energy, clarity of mind and sleep much more soundly.


Another wonderful benefit that many have announced is that medication are no longer needed, which is a major benefit for those who have been led to believe that they would need to take them the rest of their lives.

Sampling of some raw meals and deserts. . .

Yummy Watermelon Cake


Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Orange Frosting


Raw Tacos made with sprouted sunflower seeds. . . . Delicious!


Here's a delicious Raw Pizza


More to come . . . . .

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