RAW Talks: The Power of Spiritual Living - Free Talk, Meditation + Q&A

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Join us as we continue our exploration of Ramana Maharshi’s core spiritual teachings - the source of all spiritual wisdom - and a must for any true seeker ...

Following our last event, I’ll be sharing a (raw) spontaneous talk in true satang-style and we’ll discuss the finer point of Ramana’s words on self-enquiry. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any spiritual questions on your heart.

Anything and everything may arise in this powerful space, it's totally unplanned and we’ll invariably find ourselves exploring such heavy spiritual topics, including ...

- The Purpose of Existence
- Doership, Destiny & Free Will
- The Nature of Awareness & ‘I’
- Living in the Present
- Observing Thoughts
- Self-Inquiry & Meditation
- The Challenge & Dichotomy of Spiritual Life

Nowadays, we gain most of our spiritual knowledge from books and Youtube, however, there is no substitute for live, face-to-face talks and Q&A. It's how my understanding was acquired and deepened, it could be the same for you.


DATE & TIME : this Saturday 20th of July @ 2.30pm - 4.30pm (Carlton)

2.30pm to 2.45pm : Meditation
2.45pm to 4.00pm : Talk & Discussion
4.00pm Onwards : Spiritual Q&A

VENUE: Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre - 251 Faraday Street, Carlton - Meeting Room 3 (Upstairs / Far Right Side of Building)

COST: Free

Kindly Only RSVP if You Are Serious About Attending as Seating is Very Limited. Please Be on Time ...


- Rohit