Spiritual Awakening: What is it all About? Free Talk, Meditation & Silence

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Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre

251 Faraday St · Carlton

How to find us

Meeting Room 3 : Enter on Faraday Street / Go Upstairs to the Far Right of the Building. Off Street Parking Available / $5 Weekend Parking @ Eastern Precinct Car Park - 379 Cardigan St / Lots of Public Transport Options

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Many spiritual seekers read half-a-book, attend a few hot-yoga classes, say OM 3 times, post about it on Facebook, then start believing they are the Buddha …

However, awakening isn't what we 'think' it to be, certainly it's no intellectual pursuit, nor a religious checklist of do’s & don’t, above all there is no convenient prescription for everyone.

We’ll explore the misconceptions around what awakening represents and reflect upon this famous zen saying: “don’t confuse understanding for realisation …”

- What does awakening mean?
- What are the signs of awakening?
- Why do people ’think’ they are awakened?
- Is pursuing awakening even necessary?

We'll delve into these questions from a deep spiritual perspective. Drawing upon the wisdom of mystics and masters, and a lifetime of rigorous personal investigation, I’ll be sharing a (Raw) spontaneous talk in true satsang-style on the topic. I cannot guarantee every point will be covered, and most certainly I will stray into other areas, however, my intent is to leave you with greater practical around awakening.

Nowadays we gain most of our spiritual knowledge from books and Youtube, however, there will never be a substitute for live, unrecorded, face-to-face talks, that exist for that moment and audience only ...



RAW is not your ordinary Spiritual Meetup - it's not for everyone - just earnest seekers ready to hear the core spiritual truths. There’s no space for heated intellectual discussions, debates, or soap-boxes to share your opinions and life stories. Why? Because introspection and silence is of greater spiritual benefit than idle chatter ...

My purpose is to quieten your mind, and melt away your long-held beliefs of who you are, and your construct of reality. I’m firm, direct, even harsh at times in my approach - it’s how I was initiated; rest assured it’s never personal ...

These events are self-funded, free for all true seekers. I'm not out to sell anything, convert anyone, nor am I a life-coach or healer. I'm just a nobody that has spent a lifetime(s) in quiet introspection ...

Those who have attended these talks over the past several months have found them refreshing, insightful and are returning for more, try for yourself - your soul won't regret it ...



Talks are held every fortnight, same place, same time ...

DATE: Saturday 28th of September

- 2.25pm : Be Quietly Seated (Arrive Early)
- 2.30 to 4.00pm : Talk & Silence
- 4.00pm Onwards : Meditation, Q&A (if Needed)

I may alter this format completely, omit or extend certain components

VENUE: Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre - 251 Faraday Street, Carlton - Meeting Room 3 - Go directly upstairs / far right-corner of the building

PARKING: Eastern Precinct Car Park, 379 Cardigan Street, Carlton (1 minute from the venue, all-day parking for five dollars)

COST: Nothing, you must RSVP & first-timers must introduce themselves to me via message before attending (any unknown walk-ins will be asked to leave)

DISCLAIMER: To protect the safety and well-being of attendees, I reserve the right to refuse any persons from this group, especially those I feel are attending for marketing purposes, it’s not personal, there are much better Spiritual Meetups out there - join one of those ...

- Rohit