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Raw Food Potluck at Alisha's Place

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Join us for a Raw Vegan Potluck at Alisha's Place!

On Sunday, September 15th we will have another raw food potluck!

You can show off your own (un)cooking skills or bring some goodies from a raw food cafe to share at our RAW POTLUCK.

We love welcoming newbies, so don't be shy to join us for the first or second time!

In this meetup group we come from many different paths in life and simply love to share the endless bounty and health benefits of raw living foods. There is no better opportunity to try raw foods than right here, where you get to sample anywhere from 10 to 30 dishes lovingly crafted by people who care about what they eat!

Image: our raw vegan potluck buffet on July 07, 2013 with 40+ people in attendance!

At 12 pm we will start our RAW VEGAN POTLUCK with meet & greet and around 12:30 pm we will start to eat.

About our potluck host Alisha

Alisha is an avid raw food lover and great chef who loves to create delicious raw foods for her family. You will like her fabulous foods!

Below are some guidelines for our raw vegan potlucks

Raw Potluck: we ask you to bring a 100% raw, organic, unprocessed, non-animal based (vegan with no honey) ready-to-serve dish for as many people as have RSVP'd to this meetup MINUS 10 (to account for no-shows). In other words, if you see 40 RSVPs on this meetup, make a dish that will serve a tasting for 30 people. The idea is not to feed the masses, but to enable everyone to have a small tasting of your delicious creation!

If you are attending with a guest, please consider bringing two dishes or a dish and a beverage.

Please bring a typed or neatly printed recipe to display next to your dish, ideally with copies for people to take with them if they choose so.

We also ask you to please arrive within 30 minutes of the start time of the potluck, as we usually wait for everyone to be there to do introductions. It is not fair to keep a hungry crowd waiting for guests arriving late, as you can certainly imagine! Please text Ina at 702-772-9401 if you can't make it on time and then we can start without you!

The below list of raw vegan dish ideas may help you to decide what to bring to our potluck events:

1. You could bring an organic fresh salad

2. There are plenty of raw recipes available online:

3. Most raw food books have raw recipes

4. Organic raw fruit, fruit salad, or raw nuts

I look forward to seeing you at the potluck - call me if you have any questions!

Your host

Ina Mohan

Founder & President of (

Phone 702-772-9401