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ROLL your DICE with SPICE in VEGAS BABY! - Gut Health and Beauty

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You must have heard this phrase: “As it goes with your
gut, so it goes with your health.” In other words, the state of your
health relies on the state of your gut.

Unfortunately, gut
health can go awry for a number of reasons, including a poor diet;
unhealthy lifestyle choices; food allergies and other sensitivities;
unrelenting stress; the ingestion of genetically modified organisms
(GMOs) and more. On the other hand, you can bolster the health of your
gut with a prudent diet rich in probiotics and enzymes, wise lifestyle
choices, and even by spicing up your life with these gut-loving spices!

The 6 spices to heal your gut on a daily basis are
Turmeric, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Ginger, Fennel and Cayenne.


Opening Guest Speaker Ina Mohan the founder, producer and Organizer of
the annual Health, Healing & Happiness event will talk about gut
health in relation to common diseases.

Our second speaker is
Dina Salas, who will share how much her life improved from suffering of
Multiple Sclerosis when she started making healthy choices by adopting a
Gut Healthy Diet.

Janet Burton, the event creator and "Indian
Spice Queen" will continue the talk and show us how to incorporate
spices into our daily meals that can help us maintain a healthy
digestive system.

*All about Turmeric, Coconut and Chick Pea Flour!
*Hands-on Home-made Beauty Treatments with Chick Pea Four and Turmeric.
*How to get a soothing free Head and Body Massage the holistic way with Mega and Mighty Tree bearing Coconut and Coconut Oil.
*Free Spice Beauty Packs and Notes on spices to take home
*Hibiscus Sharbat Sampling with Ancient Ayurveda Remedies with Spices and Herbs (!

$15 in advance and $20 at the door

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