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Screening of Raw Documentary "Bethany's Story" plus Q&A w/ Producer Janet McKee!

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Bethany’s Story is a documentary film created by Sanaview, an online holistic health and wellness website founded by health coach Janet McKee. The film tells the story of American teenager, Bethany, who becomes paralyzed after receiving a tetanus injection. Each medication and medical intervention Bethany undergoes leads to further health complications until, with nowhere else to turn, Bethany tries a Raw Vegan Diet and recovers completely from what her doctors had told her was permanent, irreversible nerve damage.

From hopelessness to self healing

The first 30 minutes of the film describe Bethany’s complicated medical history which includes the diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. RSD caused Bethany to experience terrible pain throughout her body and a life lived from a wheelchair. Then a routine tetanus shot, following an accident with a nail in the foot, lead Bethany on a journey even deeper into the bowels of the Western medical system. An epidural catheter turned into a spinal cord infection, then became paralysis so severe that Bethany could only move the muscles in her face. Eventually those symptoms receded and Bethany could once again move her upper body but went back to her wheelchair. By age 16 her doctors told her there was nothing else they could do.

Bethany took to the internet to learn about possible alternative treatments, from yoga, to meditation, to raw foods. She decided on a committed course of raw vegan foods and juice fasting. Within just a few weeks she felt new found energy and hope. Within months she started being able to move her legs, and slowly Bethany was able to stand and even take steps assisted by leg braces and crutches. She was reluctant to share her recovery with her doctors for fear they would discredit the power of her dietary cure, but when she finally walked into the office on her own two legs, her doctor admitted, amazed, that she had indeed healed herself. Tellingly, none of Bethany’s medical team agreed to discuss her case in the film. Instead, the second half of the film contains commentary from plant-based nutrition specialists, Drs. Gabriel Cousens, Michael Gregor, Neal Barnard, Brian Clement, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, and RD, Brenda Davis.