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I am creating this Meetup to re-explore with the therapeutic and self-help community the extraordinary healing tool known as EFT with a new model of understanding its usefulness not just in everyday life but in helping and supporting the rapid healing processes of chronic and serious illness such as depression and anxiety, pain, and the re-invention of self. I healed myself from depression (without drugs and without standard psychology) by understanding what I was doing to demonstrate depression and keep it alive, and a model of the 3 organizations of memory in the body. My physiology no longer elicits depression or anxiety--my highs are higher and my lows are higher. My healing was a product of a simple mindfulness practice and a unique model of science and spirit that includes cell-receptor biology, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum physics, Law Of Attraction, energy-psychology. My influences have been the beautiful and energetic work of such science luminaries as Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Candace Pert, Dr Norm Shealy, Dr Les Fehmi (Open Focus), and the discoveries and work of Gary Craig (creator of EFT), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), Robert G. Smith (Faster EFT), and others. I have a work in progress, a concept called Positive Biology (visit positivebiology.com), that is my underlying philosophy and model about positive psychology, happiness, and peak experience. (Not a whole lot there yet, but stay tuned!) My new practice, now opening, is called A New Story (www.anewstory.net). Some potential Meetups include: DIY Begin To End Depression/Anxiety The Whole-Life Reboot (W-LR), W-LR and LOA (The Law Of Attraction) W-LR and How To Re-Invent Yourself (Hint: 1. Reboot the nervous system and 2. Experience and re-imagine life from a new positive biology and an open biological network.) Rex

Past events (3)

Mindfulness & Happiness at Work Seminar

Portland Happiness Center

Dr Joe Dispenza workshop in Portland

Shilo Inn