What we're about

We are a community of people brought together by our passion for ensuring that everyone receives the best possible care in their final stages of life. We come from all walks of life - nurses, doctors, social workers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, artists, teachers - and are drawn together by this passion. We have joined to create the Re-imagining End-of-Life Care Meetup.

Anyone who has witnessed a "good death" understands how important it is to make this more possible for everyone. Anyone who has witnessed a "bad death", which is far too common, knows how important it is to try and avoid this.

There is more that we can do as a community to support people who are ill and dying, and support their families. We are committed to being part of a movement that will make "good deaths" the rule, instead of the exception.

We hope to bring together a community of people who are invested in this mission, open to learning, sharing, teaching, supporting and inspiring, and willing to just see where this journey takes us.

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"A Deeper Dive into Death"

Sierra Hot Springs


Scottish Rite Center

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